Monday, December 10, 2007

Advice by Dr. Hope

Dear Dr. Hope,

I had been with my boyfriend for almost four years when my parents forced us to break up (I was only 15 at the time they found out). We have been apart for little over a year now but we have been talking a lot again and I love it.
The problem is that while we were apart he happened to find another girl and they became very close and he got her pregnant.
He has told her he doesn´t want to stay with her after the baby comes. He wants to pay child support and have joint custody. I am willing to be with him, despite the child, because I love him so much. The problem is that my parents would rather see me dead than with him.
Please help me. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Carol Smith

Dear Carol Smith,

I am writing you this letter to try to help you to solve your problem. What I can advice you to do is to forget your old boyfriend and follow with your future, because he is going to have a child and if you are you willing to help him in it you will only spoil your future.
Moreover create a child is a very complicated situation. With your age, you don’t know all good things that exist in the world. I know that what you are experiencing is not easy, but believe me, if you commit this mistake, you can lose your family forever, and the family is the best thing you can have.
You are still very young and new loves won’t miss!
This is my opinion but you have to think well about what you really want.

I hope you follow my advice because you have a bright future ahead ... But be well...
Dr. Hope

Filipa Vaz De Carvalho

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