Friday, June 1, 2007

Portuguese menu...


Caldo verde

Bacalhau à Brás

Cozido à portuguesa


One of the most important cultural aspects of one country is the traditional food.

If you are always available to experiment new things, and if you never know what do to lunch or to dinner, we give you a suggestion: try a traditional Portuguese meal.

This soup is typical of north of Portugal, but it’s very spread in all country – it’s probably the most popular soup in Portugal.

Caldo Verde


250gr of cabbage cut in kale and potato broth | 700gr of potatoes | 1/2 pork sausage | 1 onion | 2lt of water | salt and olive oil.


Boil the potatoes, jointly with onion, pork sausage and salt in 2lt of water. When finish boiling, removing the pork sausage and pass the rest with mixer. Whenit starts to boil, add the cabbage and a little olive oil. Let it boil just a few minutes. Cut to pieces the pork sausage and put them in soup plate.

Cozido à Portuguesa


Beef to boil | half a chicken | pork meat | smoked ham, pork sausage, flour pork sausage | bacon | fresh and smoked pork’s ears | 1 cabbage, 4 carrots, 6 potatoes and 4 turnips | salt and olive oil.


In a big pot, boil in water, all meat. The salty meat should be put to soak a few hours before boiling. Wash the cooking water with a little of olive oil and season as you please. Then of boiled take off the sausages, after the pork meat and just in the end, the beef. In this water of meats, put vegetables before mentioned. When boiled, take off pot of the stove, leaving the vegetables inside. To serve, cut meat, lay out in a plate with respective legumes. You can accompany with white rice, if you want.

Bacalhau à Brás


400gr of Codfish | 3 table-spoon of olive-oil | 500gr of potatoes| 6 eggs | 3 onions | 1 garlic | garden-parsley | salt| pepper | oil | black olives.


First of all, you have to cut potatoes as straw and fry them. In the meantime, you can cut the garlic and mix it with the olive-oil. Take it the fire( cook) and join in the unwoven codfish, the potatoes and the eggs, that should be previously beaten and tempered with salt and pepper. When the eggs are boiled, you put the codfish in one dish and serve it still warm and decorated with black olives.

Other dessert that we suggest is the Sponge-Cake. This is a symbol of Margaride (Felgueiras). The first Portuguese going to the Japan take with them one sponge-cake’s receipt and this became one of the most traditional desserts of Japan.


Eggs | Sugar (as weight in sugar as in eggs) | Selfraising flour (the weight in flour is ½ of the weight in eggs).


First of all, you have to separate the yolks of the whites. After this, you should add the sugar to the yolks and beat until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Afterwards, you must add up the flour to the mixture and beat it again. You have to beat the whites and join it to the compound. Finally you have to put the past in the tin, previously greased and sprinkled with flour, and take to the stove. Let cook until the cake obtains colour. When this happens, the sponge-cake is ready!

Did you like it? Well is better to try, it’s really good…

Enjoy your meal!

Cátia Monteiro e Celina Sampaio, 11ºD