Thursday, February 21, 2008

All about English

Nowadays, we need English for almost everything!
Since we are kids that language is part of our life!
When we grow up and start having girlfriend or boyfriend, pen friends or friends from other countries, English, a Universal Language gives us the opportunitytocommunicate with them even if they are from the other side of the worl...
When we go to school, we start studying this language to learn more about that! Start the college and the important works! We start reading books, English books, articles on the Internet that are, frequentlly, in English!(this happens because English, like we refered before, is a kind of Universal Language, spoken by 341,000,000 of nonnative speakers around the world!).
Around 60% of programms are written in English and 90% on the Internet are also written in English.
When we start going out, and start going to the cinema or to the disco, we see movies and English songs and we need to understand that! They're English too!
The magazines, newspapers...English things are everywhere!
When we finally are adult, to find a good job we need to know to speak English! That is part of an important step ín our curricullum Vitar!
When we are retired and finally have time to travel and join our life, we chose countries, almost everytime, tropical countries, and there they have a strange language that even if we try we can't understand them we use English because almost everybody knows it!
Now look! When we are kids even the cartoon channels are English! First reason to speak that!
Almost every "intelligent" and "necessary" books are written in English! So if you want a good career you need to study so you need that books to you need understand English! Second reason.
When you are graduated and you follow a career like scientist, politician, economist or something about tecnologies you don't go anywhere if you don't know low to speak and /or understand English! Third reason.
If we need to make international calls we need to know to speak English (one more time because is universal). Forth reason.
If you travel for a different country without you're native language, you need to speak English because everybody understand that!
Nowadays we can look at the world like a gient tribe where everybody understands each other thanks to the Universal Language-The English.

- Carina Cunha nº 4
- Cristina Costa nº 10 10ºD
- Daniel Faria nº11
- Diogo Cunha nº12

English: The future of the languages world

Why do we learn English? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What's importance of communication nowadays? Let's find out

As everybody should know, English is the most widespread language in the world, anywhere we look, we see this language used in almost everything. It's used TV, computer, software, movies, songs, and so on.
We learn English communicate and understand the world around us. In the future, if you'll do a business trip to China, you have two options: speak English or Chinese! The best thing to do is learn English, because you can use it in every country you'll go.
We'll show you now, some reasons for learning English and you'll see advantages of this languages:
- To communicate with penfriends
- To travel to other countries
- To read books or newspapers
- To go on a student exchange progamme
- To surf the net
- Is part of the Curriculum
- To send letters and e-mails

This is only a small part of advantages of learning English. Now let's take a look at the disadvantages.
The main inconvinience is that the rise of English could be alarming for people who to preserve their native language. We think taht the development of English is very good, but the native languages must be used for the own good and protection of the culture of countries.

As you have seen, communication is essencial in our society, is what makes us understand each other and help us to take decisions. That's why we need a language that everybody understands and it is English.

Ana Moreira, Bruno Magalhães, Filipa Pinto e Serafim Pinto 10ºC : )

Monday, February 18, 2008

The World of English

We learn English as a second language, but why English, as opposed to other foreing language?

We could think that a Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world should be this language that we should learn, but hinese is spoken little outside of Chinese communicaties so English is the most widespread language in the world.
The importance of English is not just in how many people speak it but in wath it is used for, English is the major language of news and information, look at the numbers,than three quarters of all telex messages and telegrams are sent in English, eighty percent of computers data are processed and stored in English, five thousand newspapers, more than half of the newspaper published in the world, are published in english.

English is alo a major language of international business, diplomacy, and scienc. Many international organizations have English as an official language or the official language, including the United Nations.

English is important to international travel, for example, in many hotels and tourist attrations at airports and in shops that tourist frequent is spoken English.

As we see, nowadays English is very important, but there are a lot of aother reasons for learning English such as: is part of CV, To find a job abroad, to get a well paid job, to travel to other countries, to work for international companies, to go on international meetings, on business trips and make international phone calls, is useful to chat with friends from different countries, to understand songs and computer software, to read books, newspapers, magazine or instructions written in English, to surf the net.... And many more things.

But to not be this globalization of English language prejudicial for the other languages and cultures? Well, many people think so and hve afraid that this expansion of the English language will take to extinction of their cultures and language, maybe a little excessive this idea however, realist.

We are walking more and more for a "global village" and the English is the language chosen to speak on this "village" therefore the English is so important.

*Filipa nº9
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