Monday, March 26, 2007

Some pictures of us...

All these pictures were taken in Lisbon, during a school trip...
It was wonderful!

By Patrícia, 11ºD

A First Impression!

Great class, Great students!

11ºD! Our class has 27 students (9 boys and 18 girls).
We attend Escola Secundária de Felgueiras in Science and Technology. Our lessons are Maths, Philosophy, Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Geology, Physical Education, English and Portuguese.
We have high hopes and many dreams for our future so we all dedicate most of our time to studies and school stuff and “fight” for them!
We are great dreamers.
Some of us dream one day to become doctors, professional physiotherapists, engineers, nurses, chemists, astronomers, biologists, teachers, musicians and players and many are still being drifters.
Being a class with so many students, we have a lot of different interests. Some have a pop/rock music group (Da Ruthless), others are football players, models, singers, dancers, skate boarders, horse-riders, motocross riders and down hillers…
Girls and boys crash a lot, but we are always laughing!
We are a very nice and friendly class…;-)…