Thursday, February 21, 2008

English: The future of the languages world

Why do we learn English? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What's importance of communication nowadays? Let's find out

As everybody should know, English is the most widespread language in the world, anywhere we look, we see this language used in almost everything. It's used TV, computer, software, movies, songs, and so on.
We learn English communicate and understand the world around us. In the future, if you'll do a business trip to China, you have two options: speak English or Chinese! The best thing to do is learn English, because you can use it in every country you'll go.
We'll show you now, some reasons for learning English and you'll see advantages of this languages:
- To communicate with penfriends
- To travel to other countries
- To read books or newspapers
- To go on a student exchange progamme
- To surf the net
- Is part of the Curriculum
- To send letters and e-mails

This is only a small part of advantages of learning English. Now let's take a look at the disadvantages.
The main inconvinience is that the rise of English could be alarming for people who to preserve their native language. We think taht the development of English is very good, but the native languages must be used for the own good and protection of the culture of countries.

As you have seen, communication is essencial in our society, is what makes us understand each other and help us to take decisions. That's why we need a language that everybody understands and it is English.

Ana Moreira, Bruno Magalhães, Filipa Pinto e Serafim Pinto 10ºC : )

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Ofélia Ribeiro said...

Good work!! It´s always so nice to see that some students do their jobs well.