Saturday, April 28, 2007

Portugal – The Eurovision Song Contest 1993

As everybody knows, The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Participating countries submit a song to be performed live television.

The Eurovision Song Contest 1993 was the 38th and was held on 15th May, 1993 in Millstreet, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. In this event, 25 countries had participated on the final round. In the end, Portugal was the 10th with the contribution of a wonderful voice that is the one of Anabela with the song “Cidade Até Ser Dia”. This singer also became an actress, and she has shone in theatre, mainly in fantastic musical theatre plays.

"Cidade Até Ser Dia" is a beautiful, emotional song that transmits us magic and, at the same time, a hope to fulfil our dreams… I’m proud to be Portuguese, because of some wonderful sweet voices like this one. I must confess that whenever I listen this special song, a chill invades myself and my eyes start shining, sincerely, I don’t know why. For all these reasons, it’s always good to remember a proud moment for us, Portuguese… Close your eyes, and listen this pure deep voice. Enjoy…

By Patrícia, 11ºD

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The 25th of April – Freedom’s Day

The 25th of April is a National Holiday in Portugal because it celebrates a very important date for us all... the end of a dictatorial fascist government.
On the dawn of the 25th of April 1974, to the sound of the song “Grândola, Vila Morena”, of José Afonso, the Movement of the Armed Forces, that got the agreement of the main military units, began the military operations that led to knock down of the dictatorial regime and to the its replacement for a democratic regime. Without great resistance from the forces loyal to the Government, all military objectives were accomplished throughout this day, with the population on the streets, in Lisbon, celebrating with the victorious soldiers and putting flowers, red carnations, in their rifles. The most amazing thing of this revolution is that there was no bloodshed.
This event is known as the Revolution of the Carnation, the Day of Freedom!

by Carla,11ºD

Monday, April 16, 2007

Here you have some photos from the hall of KTC. KTC is short for Kalundborg 10th Grade Center - in Danish of course. Here are about 120 pupils for one year before going on to another education. The main reasons for being here are to try and find out what to do next year, to improve the grades from last year and to become more mature. Hopefully all of it.

We are organized in six classes who are having courses in Danish, Math and English. Other courses we are doing in other constellations on KTC. For instance we can choose German, French, Sport cooking, film and more...

Here class six is having English. We are looking at this blog for the first time...

We are living in Kalundborg, a provincial provincial town, right in the middle of Denmark. We are about 20,000 inhabitants living in Kalundborg or in the small communities surrounding the town.

In January 2007 the boroughs of Kalundborg, Bjergsted, hvidebæk, Gørlev and Høng were amalgamated into one borough (keeping the name of Kalundborg) with almost 50,000 inhabitants.

The church in the background of this picture is The Church of our Lady (Vor Frue Kirke in Danish). it is the only five towered church in Denmark. The church was built around 1170 by Esbern Snare. Esbern Snare was a chief and warrior who also built the castle of Kalundborg. The church belonged to the castle.

In old days jackdaws were called "kaa" and the name Kalundborg is supposed to be derived from that name = the castle by the Jackdaws' Grove (lund=grove, borg=castle).

Friday, April 13, 2007


The city we all live in is Felgueiras.
It is a small town in the North of Portugal, not far away from Oporto.
Felgueiras is famous for its shoe industry .In Felgueiras there are a lot of shoes factories in the industrial area. Felgueiras has got a natural park, in Santa Quiteria’s hill, which dominates the whole city, sometimes people go there to play sports, or simply to go for a walk.
In our free times we go to bars and discos to have fun. In summer we go to friends or to the public swimming-pools.
In Felgueiras, we don't have much to do, it is a quiet city.
We also have a good Public Library where we can study or do some research work when necessary.
There are some monuments, such as roman style churches, and Mosteiro de Pombeiro is a national monument that has been recently recovered from partial destruction.

Monday, April 9, 2007

This is some of us at KTC (Kalundborg 10th Class Center) Denmark.

Week 11 some of us went to Barcelona while others went to go skiing in Sweden. This is the Barcelona team.
The students on this photo are between 16 and 18 years old and from six different classes. All are attending KTC for one year - for different reasons. Some want to improve the grades from last year, some try and find out what to do next year and become a little more mature before making the decision about a further education. - And some try to do all three!
We are looking forward to getting to know more about Class 11D and Portugal - and telling/showing more about ourselves.